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генератор ключей alawar crack видео инструкция
When Elliott enters the Swan, the blast door drops behind him and Sayid asks him what he did. For some reason Locke doesn’t want any one to know this and Elliott uses this to his advantage by blackmailing Locke for a battery. Add OIL (J1). Light them with the MATCHES (M2). Place the CRYSTAL BALL (R3) in the middle. Pick up the GARLIC (L1) and the KEY (M1). Go to the Administration Foyer.

Place the STAR (N4) in the door lock at the end of the corridor. There are two light sources that can be activated inside the Swan. The episode starts with Elliott following his compass through the jungle looking for a way home. This episode begins with Elliott back in the locked armory where you ended the last episode. He awakens in a the dark and to advance you will need to light you lighter. The flashback starts with you once again in Rico’s Pawn Shop. Via Domus begins with Elliott opening his eyes to find himself laying on the ground somewhere in the jungle. He can’t seem to remember anything before waking up, most likely from a bump to the noggin.

After escaping the Swan, you should walk across the shallow river and head under the tiny waterfall to find a path leading to a large steel like door. The monster ignores Elliott at this time unless you run right into it (which is fatal). Continue on to the next area where you are safe from all attacks of any kind. Почему??? спас….я никогда не пробовал не установить и не переустановить ОС. Сегодня спросил как переустановить в однок, дело в том, что я начал пользоватся компом недавно, и мне дали этот сайт, на ноут переустановил семерку. And we will find you». This will end the 5th episode. Может просто дефрагментировать D. Опять же установленные игры жалко. Pour the liquid into the boiling water. Go to the Dining Hall.

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