Инструкция для фотошоп 6.0

This tutorial on SitePoint, a popular site for web professionals, will guide you through the Photoshop fundamentals and the basic tools available at your disposal. It’s an excellent jump-off point that will give you an understanding of what you’re up against. Use the coupon code photoshopcafe to save 15% on Photomatix plugin and Photomatix pro Using photomatix tone mapping plugin allows you to get highly detailed textures in your photographs. The most important concept you should understand about Photoshop is its layering system. Click the right-pointing arrows to get more editing options for your document. Sometimes you need to capture more than 3 exposures. It really depends on how much contrast is in your scene. See you at the CAFE! Colin Extra Resources HDR | Panorama | Timelapse Multishot Mayhem This video course takes you through the very latest techniques in HDR, Pano and Timelapse.

There are a lot of reasons that Photoshop might fail to align your layers: clouds, lens distortion, and even light pollution can prevent automatic alignment. Whatever the case, selecting things inside your canvas is a task you should expect to do plenty of times in your ‘shopping career. Click OK to merge the photos into a 32 bit image.

Note for «russian_box.jpg» In order to get a close enough look at the pixels in russian_box.jpg, so that you can see the difference you’re making when you resample the photo, you need to enlarge the view to at least 400 percent. You can use several of Photoshop’s tools in the Image>Adjustments menu. Whichever pattern you choose, you’ll need to reduce the opacity of the Pattern Fill layer to make the leaves visible beneath it.

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