Fisher f75 видео инструкция

fisher f75 видео инструкция
The large digital display provides a comprehensive overview of the target. Separating nearby targets is slightly more difficult in this program. PF (Plowed Fields) — Varying the matrix below the coil with air and ground can be difficult to handle. Ground Balance The F75 has two methods of balancing out the effects of ground mineralization: automatic FASTGRAB, and manual ground balance. You will then obey the LCD message, “PUMP COIL TO G.B.” Pump the coil up and down over clean soil from about 6″ to 1″. Once or twice a second is the proper amount.

The detectorist listens for certain pitches to indicate a possibly good or bad target. The spring clips, locking collars, and durably padded handgrip provide a comfortable, no-wobble swing. It has an abundance of feature adjustability to meet many situations. The configuration is a three-piece Srod, ergonomic design and lightweight at only 3.5 lbs. with batteries. One push of the button will recall that selection and display the stored value. Some typical ground mineralization types are:0 – 10 Wet salt and alkali5 – 25 Metallic iron.

However, it does give one an idea of an item’s depth without stopping to pinpoint. Unlike the Static All-Metal, and as its name implies, when this mode is used the coil must be in motion in order to detect targets. The condition of the bottle top plays around with audio and numbers also. I also found in BC mode the recovery speed is slightly slower than DE mode.

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