Hd dual lens 720p инструкция на русском

Zoom in all the way and fire the weapon. If your POI is not where you had aimed. Wind:Generally speaking Wind strengths and direction are by far the most important of the group, especially during medium to heavy winds. We highly recommend that if you plan to shoot at ranges of over 300 yards you take wind readings and enter the information into your sight. After completing it will automatically restart and will be ready for use.

Turn ON the scope. In the “Firmware Update” dialog box select “Yes” to start the update. Movement between the tabs is carried out using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons . Each tab includes subcategories. To select a particular subcategory you should use the UP and DOWN buttons and press CENTER button to select it. To change a particular value you should follow the next few steps. Return the battery cap into the housing (screw clockwise until finger tight). Do not over tighten as it will be difficult to remove the next time you replace batteries. Excluding lens section. A smartphone is required to change modes or configure manual settings. Allowing you to create two separate profiles to better fine tune your shooting solutions for both shorter and longer range shooting.In order to change the profile name to what you want. Tighten the fixing screws. NOTE:Fixing screws may need to be retightened after continuous shooting.We recommend using “Loctite” to make sure the screws will not loosen during shooting.
Create New Profile — allows to create up to 6 profiles. Insert the illuminator into the mount with insert. There you will see Zero Reticle. We suggest you fill out all the ballistic info to the best of your ability before proceeding to Zero.

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